Design of book for Irish Traditional band Lúnasa. Including music from three CDs anecdotes from the collection and writing of tunes and photography from concerts.

Design of bi monthly magazine. hipStyle

This includes all layout and advertisment design .

Brief: Design a cover for a book which would reflect the content:

Creativity and

Design an eyecatching spine.
2 color production.

Front cover is a duotone, spine uses the same two inks.
Publisher SUNY
State University of New York.

Brief: Design a mail order catalog for established maritime artist Phil Bolger.

Catalog has 12 pages in full color.

Design informational pampflet for a building known as Alder Manor. The cover shows the design of the front door of the building, it opens in the center to give information on the building layout and history
CD cover with Irish theme.

Brochure for an Adult Education program.The document has 4 panels which fold into a 9 x 4 brochure. It has a registration form which has a perforated edge for easy removal and return to the organisation.

A tri-fold brochure to publicise the annual golf outing organised by the Halloran Foundation, in memory of Vincent Halloran.FDNY. The proceeds of the golf outing were to benefit the North Salem Children's Baseball and Softball Association.

DVD cover for an Irish language learning program sponsored by Foras na Gaeilge
Theme: Irish Identity.

Logo produced uses a thumbprint, the modern indicator of identity and the yellow/saffron color, the original color of the gaelic nobility which they were forbidden to wear when under the rule of Henry VIII.

Produce an eyecatching tri-fold brochure for the North American Association for Celtic Language Teachers.
2) Develop a graphic which would indicate the existance of Celtic culture through language, in America
3). Produce a poster based on the design elements developed for the tri-fold brochure.
Brief: Design an easy to read and attractive book about pain relief during labor. Objective being to present the subject matter in a simple and straightforward manner.

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